US Movie Explained – A Saga of Tunnels and Scissors

It was a weird day. We reached the movie theatre hoping for a movie which would thrill us, and delighted we were. For there were posters of the movie “Us”. Marked as an adult horror, and directed by Jordan Peele, renown for his work in ” Get Out “. Little did we know that we…

Book Review: History of Japan

Japan: History of Japan: The Most Important People, Places and Events in Japanese History. From Japanese Art to Modern Manga. From Asian Wars to Modern Superpower. by Rui Kanda My rating: 2 of 5 stars Every nation, state or territory has a history to it. An empire is not built in a day, nor is…


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How Companies Feed On Nostalgia?

Have you ever thought how nostalgia is played out in the telecom market? Presumably the smartphone market these days. Why the nostalgia market works so well? Apparently, new technologies play their disruptions by recreating familiar things i.e. design cues that evoke old objects inter alia software mimicking the look of the old things it has replaced….

Why naming airports after cities is a bad idea?

The scourge of renaming streets, avenues, alleys, and cities is not unprecedented, neither is the idea of renaming an airport.  Recently, the Uttar Pradesh government in India renamed the Gorakhpur Airforce Station to Mahayogi Goraknath Airport after the founder of the Nath monastic movement; and likewise, the Agra Airport to RSS ideologue Pandit Deen Dayal…