You were meant to fly love, but all you did, is wither and die. (c)boringbug

Stranded at a juncture

I am stranded at a juncture gravitating towards a thought the likeliness of her. ©boringbug


I sat back with a sense of helplessness descending upon me. To begin with, uncertainty loomed over… (c)boringbug

What am I?

I wonder at times, for what am I? A wandering body, or a wandering soul. – (c) Boringbug

Taken for Granted

In the midst of time the pursuit of future thou ignored the anonymity of happiness. Yet looking beyond taken aback it was life that took it all for granted. -boringbug


I am, what I am, for there be or not, I shall remain. (c) boringbug