Fake news forwards on WhatsApp

This was the year of fake news, vile opinions, turbulence and dark humor in the era of WhatsApp forwards. But what does WhatsApp stand for? WhatsApp is an application messenger acting as a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows its users to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. The name was originally an intended pun on the public usage of the phrase “what’s up?” … Continue reading Fake news forwards on WhatsApp

What Led India and Japan Closer?

Two decades ago Japan was in open condemnation of Indian nuclear program which was inclusive of its desire for a collective international economic imposition on India. Howsoever, today the world saw India and Japan cooperating to facilitate the establishment of a high-speed bullet train line between Mumbai to Ahmedabad, the foundation of which has been laid down. So what led to such extensive cooperation between … Continue reading What Led India and Japan Closer?