Why Congress’s decision to boycott the Parliament is a disservice in itself?

Throw the bathwater out, not the baby! The decision of the Indian National Congress to boycott the parliament and the Prime Minister (“PM”) this budget session, over a derogatory remark made against the former P.M. […]

Is God an embodiment of Nature?

Many people in the early modern period were upholding what had become a tradition of using classical thought as a vehicle for evaluating religious phenomenon (theology). If it hadn’t been for certain scholars, then the idea of […]

The status of antiques in India and their demands abroad

The Indian subcontinent has been known for its historical and cultural context. Despite being home to various artifacts dating back centuries, the same remains ignored, un-preserved and neglected. Antiques which are highly valued by the […]

When I stepped off the train at a wrong Station

It was in January 2013. I remember it clear as day. I was bound to catch a train from the city of Ahmedabad to Jaipur. To the people unaware of the whereabouts, the distance between the two […]

The day I fought off bullies

As a child you don’t have the emotional intelligence to understand why your parents or elders are always crabby, why you are endlessly teased or bullied, and why you shouldn’t show sadness because it makes you weak. You feel the emotions these situations produce, not the real reasoning behind them. The world scared ‘Laddoo’ as a child because he couldn’t see it for what it really was. Albeit, he only felt what he suffered not how it could be treated. He could have retracted to his own self- hadn’t it been for the above incident.

After all, life, lessons and learning come when you least expect.

What is the difference between tolerance and intolerance?

A just society comprises of two types of people viz. tolerant and intolerant, wherein it tends to tolerate the intolerant. The word tolerate is understood as to allow or to permit, or to recognize and respect […]