Stop worrying and start living

There are 7.6 billion people on planet Earth. Why do you think that it is only you who is in the suffering? Why do you believe that only you have an addiction? Troubles? Problems? Billions of people and yet you let one incident or one person ruin your day. Billions of stars in the galaxy and yet you think one affects your daily process.


This "blog" is about me, my writing, my family and life. Or whatever else I want it to be.

Aesthetic Miradh

Cogito Ergo Sum. ["I think Therefore I am"]

A little bit of everything

Everything you will ever need, all in one place.


The story must be shared.

Life by the Pages

Doing life through a Christian world view, one day at a time.


An introverted, bug-eyed girl's take on everything

Black And White

colors of life


Opinion pieces and social commentaries to challenge your perceptions.

Her mourning coffee

heart ripped out via the throat