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  • The oldest living fort in the world

    The oldest living fort in the world

    At the end of December 2022, a thought came to my mind. It had been 9 months post my return to India and yet I had not ventured on a solo trip. Yes, I had been on a few trips, however, people were befriended en route and the trip resultantly did not turn out solo… Read more

  • Search for what is yours

    Search for what is yours

    As I sit in the corner of this cafe, sipping my cup of tea, my thoughts waver to the vivid dream of yesterday. The fragments that I can still visualise, call it a blessings of a devil that I can remember, retain, and maneuver myself in the dreams. The colours come back in remembrance, and… Read more

  • The soul of Pushkar

    The soul of Pushkar

    As I walked into the train, the eyes of cultural folk met me by the seat. Each wearing a multicoloured turban and carrying a proudly rounded mustache on their face. Little did I realise the spiritual trip I was embarking upon. Pushkar (a city in India) has this magic. It has this enchantment where it… Read more


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