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  • The leadership debate

    The leadership debate

    Leaders are often quite consciously aware that in trying to give expression to their personalities, they are attempting to define the identity of their own people. In varying degrees, they try to embody the essential spirit of their personality in their work culture. This little post is to highlight that personality and leadership conflict. The… Read more

  • Returning to the past

    Returning to the past

    Have you ever wondered how it would feel to return to the past? To revisit every nook and corner of the streets where your memories live by, hiding in the plain sight. Events that you could relive as if they never passed by. This happened yesterday, as I made my visit to the city of… Read more

  • The Diary of a Loner Continued

    The Diary of a Loner Continued

    Five years back I wrote a piece of heart, from my diary of a loner. Therein, I tried explaining “who is a loner?” Specifically, a loner is a person who happens to be alone and doesn’t associate with other people. It interestingly gathered some attention in the world of blogging. I realised that people assumed… Read more


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