You need not fight like a lion

Once upon a time, in a pre-covid world, a guy participated in a stage play with a drama group. The participation consisted of hours of training, dedication, and hard work. On the day of the performance, without prior notice, the organizers shifted the venue to an unkempt activity center. Hurt and dejected, the group members decided…… Continue reading You need not fight like a lion

Smile, It Costs Nothing

Hey you! Yes, I am talking to you. Why don’t you smile often? I understand that these are trying times to be living in. There is a pandemic upon us, and millions around us are tired of being locked inside their houses. Moving from their rooms to the kitchen and back again. But does that…… Continue reading Smile, It Costs Nothing

Life is a subliminal bliss

There is a meaning to life. This is what the majority of us believe or want to believe. A conscious stream of thoughts where we want to perceive and reflect on the happening of events. Assuming that every event leads to a common destination. An endpoint of no return. However, is this what subliminal has…… Continue reading Life is a subliminal bliss