When I borrowed money from a beggar!

The boring bug

If you want to know the true value of money, try borrowing it from a beggar! 

As I sit in a cafeteria, gulping down three shots of espresso, I cannot help but recollect an incident. Ever since I came to Delhi, I have seen a surplus in the surprisingly increasing population of beggars. So much for ‘achhe din’, that this has turned out to be a menace for many. But somehow, I feel responsible for it. Every time I see a homeless person I feel something conflicting inside. A sense which I cannot shake off. Amidst the sense, all I do is sympathize with them. Sympathizing with their lifestyle and their inability to survive, their need to beg for a grain of wheat. Regretting how they are forced to beg even for basic amenities. So much, that I couldn’t believe but observe this prospering profession when a beggar donated Rs. 50/- for…

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