The Definition of a Good Man

The boring bug

This was right in the beginning of April. I was strolling through an empty road. With no souls seemingly in sight, I hit upon an old bookstore. A book lover that I am, I couldn’t resist but barge into it. Cruising through the Old books section, tripping on that addictive decaying ‘aromatic smell’, I stumbled upon a book titled “collective short stories by Tagore” (Rabindranath).

As I flipped through the pages, my eyes caught upon a short story titled “A Good Man”. A story which I have read so many times, but a concept that I barely understood then. This time around I read it in an entirely different light.

So, who exactly is “a good man”?
Well, a good man is one who sacrifices his rights for others. He does so not because he wants to, but because he lacks courage. After all, a good man is also a…

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