The girl who never was

It was difficult to comprehend. A brilliant student, a tactician and an orator like her were being subjugated to a lifelong homeliness. Albeit, the decision was made. It had to be…

Finally Unchained

I looked at my mobile. Eagerly waiting for an intimation, if not a call, a message. Her fragrance, smile and the innocent eyes still haunted my days.

It isn’t always easy to forego a person to whom you have committed your life. Especially a friend of years, who knows more about you than you yourself do. In those years of knowledge, I had never seen her sad, let alone shed a tear of sorrow. Break up, parental separation, what not? Yet, a smile and the sun would shine for her.

But there is one thing about life. Nothing lasts forever. You give it nothing and it takes your all.

Shaking my head abruptly, I closed my eyes for a moment. Feeling her green eyes staring at me. Pestering me to open up to this world. Explore my creative self and show it to all. The mettle I was built off…

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