Bug's Philosophy Guest Post

I am born in the wrong generation!

We live in an era of dying romance and lost conversation An era where an Instagram post displays devotion. A good morning text is the epitome of romance and where it is easier to make a facebook friend than a real one.

An era where we trust people 1,200 miles away more than we trust the people we see every day.
An era where not replying within 5 minutes raises questions.

An era where leaving someone without saying anything is considered a better option than to handle the fight that may follow.

An era where there is no chivalry, no charm, no love and romance but only lust and sex.

We live in a world that watches life go by from the screen of the phone.
A world of ‘Tinder’ where we are busy swiping right and left and love has gone for a toss.

A world where work, friends and casual sex is just enough because who’s got the time for love, eh?
A world full of one night stands, a quickie, sexting and skype sex.
And where we invest in relationships that do nothing for us.
A world where technology has ruined romance and movies. No body can run to the airplane gate anymore.
A world that recognizes restaurant logos more easily than tree types.
A world that discovers new television series instead of discovering new places.
A world where dinner dates have more phone contact than eye contact.
A world where true commitment is an arm tattoo.
A world where heart-eyed emojis have replaced the courting behind a bouquet of flowers.
A world where our self worth is determined by the amount of likes on social media.

Yes, I am an old school romantic and I live in a world that needs to be healed, and healed soon.
We live in a world where word soul mate has lost its meaning.
People think a true soul mate is your ideal fit, and that is the thing that everybody needs. But a genuine soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is keeping you down, the person who conveys you to your own consideration so you can change your life.
A soul mate is likely the most important person you’ll ever meet, since they tear down your wall of hurdles and smack you wakeful. However, to live with a soul mate until the end of time? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to uncover another layer of yourself to you, and afterward take off. Just like that. Abruptly. Suddenly. Without any commotion.
A Soul mate’s motivation is to shake you up, tear away your ego a little bit, show to you where you are stuck and what are your addictions, make your heart open, so new light can get in, make you so frantic and wild that you need to change your life.
That’s my definition of true soul mate, true love, romance. Where you can be six, twenty one or fifty two but when you lose someone it stays with you. Because I don’t know how to love without using my whole heart. I don’t know what it is like to love someone ‘half way’.

I practice giving love in the same way I’d like to receive it. And for that I am not waiting for my soul mate to arrive. He already did arrive. Made me change my life for better and went away with the wind. HAVE YOU MET YOURS?



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