Month: May 2018

It was not the river that chose to flow through the cities!

I fickled through the stream of water as it jittered down the path. The surrounding green plush, the serenity and the solitude. Heaven on earth, or that’s what I thought it to be. Despite the […]

What is a blog without its readers?

We aren’t all gifted in the art of writing, let alone the ability to express ourselves. Yet, day in and day out we move out to the world aiming to socialise and express our considerate […]

The Idea Of God

If god’s will is inseparable to an individual’s act, then is god’s identity through an individual himself? If god and nature are inseparable, then is nature an embodiment of god itself? Or is the God a limitless being within whom lies the characteristics of nature and its parts thereof?

Listen to your inner self

Everybody has self-concepts, a bundle of beliefs, facts and opinions about themselves that are created by both external and internal factors. External factors are the events and experiences that influence you from the outside. When you look at […]

How Companies Feed On Nostalgia?

Have you ever thought how nostalgia is played out in the telecom market? Presumably the smartphone market these days. Why the nostalgia market works so well? Apparently, new technologies play their disruptions by recreating familiar things […]

How to read books in a short amount of time? -by Jeyran Main

Having a busy book blog like this one comes with many emails and requests from authors wanting me to have a look at their work and reviewing them. Not to let anyone down, I had […]