How to be Irresistibly Attractive?

What does it mean by being irresistibly attractive? Is it another millennium version of a critical dating game? Is it another edition of a mascara magazine? Or is it a ‘how to be a successful person in 21st-century’ style?


Being irresistibly attractive is about energy. About motivation and inspiration. It is about your energy and the energy of the people around you with whom you relate. We all are the embodiment of energy fields and energy is all around us. It is invisible but real and is very powerful.  Startlingly, it’s your energy that directs how you live your life from inside-out. It is this energy that determines how successful you are. Think of it this way- your energy extends around you and bumps up against the person next to you. The person’s energy next to you bumps upon you and your energy. This oscillation and bumping of energy particles, the to and fro, is what directs you and the people around you.

Let us imagine a person sitting next to you. It may be your near and dear one or a person you are comfortable with. Sit next to that person. Hold your hands for about 3-4 inches apart from each other for about 2 to 3 minutes and observe in silence. Feel what happens? We put energy into the world, and we attract it back to us. It’s similar to the expression ‘like attracts the like’, charges attracting charges, ‘the reacting fields’. What’s happening now?  Are you able to feel the warmth between you? Do you even feel prickly? Is there a sensation, a warmth? That’s amazingly your energy attracting the energy from another person. It is energy attracting energy, like attracting like, people attracting people, success attracting successful; with you putting good things out there so you attract good things back!

Think about someone you know or someone who you have seen suffering from a lot of problems or is in a dire need. What kind of people do you think they attract and have around them? 

They attract other needy people or people with lots of problem around them. This might be a subconscious act, where needy people tend to come together to form a pillar of support. But is it positive? Experts say it’s not. It’s mainly because of the negative energy they’re putting out, they are actually repelling the kind of positive- successful people they’d like to be around.

Notice the kind of energy you are putting into your world. Is it positive or negative? Remember ‘like attracts like’. If you are not happy with what’s coming back to you, then take a look at the kind of energy you’re putting out there, to begin with, in the form of your thoughts, words, attitude, actions and wisdom. Ask yourself this, “What can I think, or do so differently the next time that I can attract back to me what I really want?” and then do it. You’ll end being irresistibly attractive. 

If you still feel weird then take a deep breath, look into a mirror and smile at the person smiling back at you’! You’ll know the energy that surrounds you.

Your life is a mirror that reflects back to you what you’ve put out in the world. make sure you are sending out what you want back!

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21 responses to “How to be Irresistibly Attractive?”

  1. What an amazingly thoughtful post.
    I agree with you that we do give and receive the energy from the world. We might all know and be aware of this fact but once in a while we need this reminder that we need to surround ourselves with positive people. Negative and toxic people only ruin you further.
    I needed this reminder, thank you for sharing this post..

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    1. Those are some kind words.
      If I am ever surrounded by people with negative approach, I just listen to them with a smile on my face and occasional sarcastic appreciation at times. Resultant, we both are in a win-win situation.
      I am glad that you found the post useful. Thank you. :)

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  2. What an amazingly thoughtful post.
    I agree with you that we do give and receive the energy from the world. We might all know and be aware of this fact but once in a while we need this reminder that we need to surround ourselves with positive people. Negative and toxic people only ruin you further.
    I needed this reminder, thank you for sharing this post.

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  3. This is an interesting way of looking at things. Never thought about people’s energy as I almost always prefer my own company 🤗 some may say that energy is something spiritual or something out minds cunjour, or even the influence of a god. Who knows its cause. What an interesting post!

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    1. Those are some kind words. It was actually a repost of what I wrote back in 2016.
      Energy is a connotation of what we believe and feel alike.
      Although God can be a tricky description, but positivity oozing out of a person can also be termed as confidence. Probably that’s one of the many reasons that we feel respect and comfort towards a person while pity or hatred towards another.

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    2. I am not sure I have ever felt true hateful energy, and hope I never have to. It feels wrong intrinsically, do you know what I mean?

      God is definitely a tricky thing to deal with. I am still agnostic, spent my life searching and hoping to get there one day, despite a number of not-so-good experiences in trying to find religion. Do you believe in a deity? No need to answer if you don’t wish to, can be a tricky subject!!

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    3. I agree with you. I doubt I have ever encountered any hate-filled person in my marginally short life. Or probably I never noticed any. Although, if positive exists, so the opposite must also be true.
      Oh, no worries. I openly proclaim myself to be agnostic. I love observing people in temples, mosques, gurdwaras and churches. I find it soothing. Although it is also true that I have been kicked out of some because of my never ending questions. 😅
      I think I do believe in deity. I was once told by a taxi driver (he was barely literate)- that if it has a name then it must exist.
      Although, I doubt that I believe in mediums of worshipping. Like idols, or intoxications, or specific directions. Rather nature and non violence combined are better answers to this. natura-naturata probably?


    4. I love seeing places of religious interest too, and speaking to the people. They certainly are soothing places. It is nice to find another agnostic. They seem to be hard to find😊
      To your argument, elves have a name, but they exist only in your imagination. I need more than that, for me. I have always hoped I would find something more but have yet to find. I have travelled far and wide, I have found nothing yet. I am currently reading the Qur’an, in an attempt to find answers. Non-violence and trying to be a good person is the best I can also be at the moment.

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    5. Ah, when I said “if it has a name then it exists”. It denotes existence in whatsoever manner. Although that taxi driver was referring to ghosts. :P

      Probably what we perceive as god is merely a product of our mind. I personally believe in humanity. Everything thereafter is to seek satisfaction and inner peace.
      I remember reading Gandhi. He had a similar issue and tried seeking guidance from religious preachers (all major religions). At the end his answers and thoughts were mesmerising and better than what people revealed him to be.
      P.S. quran is a beautiful piece, albeit with its own cons. I am sure you’ll like it.


    6. I like that you are well read😊 nice to meet another academically-mindwd individual. Yes, a name means it exists, even if only in imagination. Such as gnomes or dragons😊 I think Gandhi should be my next read, from the sounds of it. Which book should I look for?

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    7. Hahaha unless Elon Musk actually ends up creating a cyborg dragon (as per his tweet). I am quite surprised and intrigued by our conversation here. You are quite a learned person.

      If you happen to try Gandhi, read his autobiography “The Story of My Experiments with Truth”. That person has been understated in many contexts. The more I learn, the more am surprised by his achievements. Like is it possible to garner non-violence as a weapon to achieve independence and influence millions of people in a lifetime?

      And no I don’t believe in nationalism. 😅


    8. 😂🤣Elon Musk -what a guy! I love to think of that poor lonely car travelling through space. He is certainly eccentric!
      You also seem to be curious-minded and well read. It is always a pleasure to find academically focused individuals to chat to. Love good I’m natter😊
      Thanks, I will look out for that autobiography. Sounds an I interesting read. ☺ cheers for bringing my attention to it.

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    9. Haha. Such a genius mix of marketing and successful use of technology. I was fascinated with the concept of the Spaceman. Considering the fact that it was inspired from the “Hitchhikers ride to the galaxy”. I wonder if it has already encountered alien life forms. 😂
      Indeed. I happen to be a curious soul, and the world has so much learning to offer. I an not sure if I happen to be academically focused though.


    10. I think there is a fine and often indistinguishable line between academia and curiosity 😊 academically minded or not, you clearly have a deep appreciation for many things and choose to delve deeper than the surface level. That shows clear intelligence beyond most. ☺

      The space man, yes. The picture always makes me giggle! What would intelligent aliens think if they saw it 😂🤣😂😆 not the best introduction to the human race (or the very best possible depending on your POV).

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    11. That’s so true. It’s just like a fine line of difference between being learned and being educated. You appear to be both. :)
      Haha, the alien 👽 lifeforms might label it as a shooting car, or probably be praying to it as a God that came from above.
      Haha imagine the alien lifeforms preaching there thoughts under the apprehensive instructions from the spaceman. (Only if aliens were god).

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    12. XD a shooting car!!! *giggles* XD XD

      Wasn’t it also playing ‘Spaceman’ or something too :) I suppose they might think very differently to us, and some of their customs might be very outlandish, so we might be offending them horribly! Imagine they are intellectuals and they begin looking for a deeper metaphorical or religious reason for it all, as you said, praying to it! They might base an entire religion around this, where sermons are spoken by a man in an astronaut suit and everyone bows to a steering wheel as they walk in, and the ‘Spaceman’ song represents their holy chant! XD XD I get carried away XD This is all starting to sound a little ‘Hitchiker’s Guide’-esque now! It would certainly belittle religion somewhat.

      I wonder how human beings on earth would react if the same highly ambiguous ‘message’ came to earth. Imagine the debates and disagreements it would spawn. I dare not think. We do not need any more excuses for high-powered individuals to compare ‘size’ by nuclear weapons!!

      You make very kind comments about me. You are very sweet! :) Yes, I did enjoy education, and was lucky enough to go to a high standard university. Academia is something I found I was good at, so I enjoyed it more.

      I do hope you are/ have been able to go to university , if that is what you want to do. It definitely isn’t for everyone.

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    13. Haha, imagine if they end up considering the spaceman as the answer to the ultimate question (42). Horns being honked on special days as blessings are bestowed. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy becomes their holy book to abide by. They’ll still require a towel and a toothbrush though. Wait, aren’t mice already experimenting on us? XD Soon thereafter they’ll consider Earth as their Mecca (Holy place), and their sermon will consist of references from the restaurant at the end of the universe.

      Humans would be divided into groups of people who’ll either believe it to be a message from God, fanboys-girls considering it a Loki’s personal car and television media reporting it as the end of the earth (doomsday), a reference to Mayan calendar anyone? This will produce another race for superiority.

      I was being honest enough. You definitely appear to be inclined towards academics (a postgraduate probably). I was never good with forced subjects (my faculties can testify to it :P), although was blessed enough to graduate with flying colours in a professional course. Although I do aim to pursue higher studies (masters and doctorate) at some point in my life.

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  4. Interesting! Grabbed my attention..

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    1. Thank you. I am glad that you liked it. :)


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