Think Creatively and Get Advice from Someone Outside Your Field

We are all presented with hurdles and obstacles. Despite opining on a tried and tested methodology, when it comes to solving tough problems, monotony might hold us back from discovering a creative solution.

Similarly, if you’re in a rut or laden with a furrow of problem(s), one of the primary ways to break out from that tussle is to solicit advice from the unlikeliest of sources. Seek advise or opinion from those who have nothing to do with your issue and/or your field. But why?

Seeking advice from a third person who is directly or indirectly beyond your field will help you garner a new perspective to the situation. For she or he will observe the said issue in a completely different light. If you happen to be a novice or an expert in your discipline, there is always a possibility of you having developed a framed mindset vide which you happen to look through. The advice and outlook solicited from a third person ought to bring to light the simplest of things which you might be oblivion to or might be considering for granted.

In your discipline, whether you are an engineer, IT professional, a teacher, a lawyer or a chartered accountant, and happen to be working on a challenge, stumbling on an obstacle would lead you to consult a plethora of professionals from your own field. As an afterthought, the opinion of another person isn’t going to make much of a difference. Unless, she or he happens to be someone from outside your field. If you’re a consultant or a lawyer, for example, ask a musician or a teacher as to how they would solve the problem. There are times when the world’s most cherished stand up comedians have come up with the most rational thoughts.

In short, don’t discount their ideas just because they “don’t understand how things are done” at your end. The goal is for their outside perspective to help you see past your assumptions and pre-instilled mindset.

by boringbug

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2 responses to “Think Creatively and Get Advice from Someone Outside Your Field”

  1. Brilliant thoughts shared here. I will consider your suggestions and see the resultant effect. It’s been a pleasure browsing through your interesting blog. I’ve enjoyed every read. Thank you. :)

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind response. It is always appreciated.
      I personally opine to take other people’s opinion, sometimes they are quite useful, and those which aren’t are quite entertaining. :)


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