​The day I met Tony – by Crucio Girl

Some incidents leave a lasting impression on us. While there are some which grant us the wish of a lasting companion in the form anonymity and compassion. The following is one such story of anonymity, finding and compassion:

«Oh man! That is so not cool. He shouldn’t have done that to her.»

I was watching a movie with a friend of mine.

«I know, right? He will break her heart.» I responded.

«I’m so angry right now. After all, she didn’t do anything wrong!»
«She knows that he is doing illegal stuff, but she is not telling him a word!»
«Uh uh. Now stop!»
«He should be punished. Shame on him.»

«Hey, stop! I think I heard something.»
«Why can’t you understand that this is the most important part of the movie? He is about to ruin their relationship!»

«Why can’t you just stop talking? Can you hear something?»
She stopped talking for a minute. 

«Yea… I think…»

«So, am I the only one to hear a kitten meowing?»
«No! To be honest, I can hear it too…»

«Let’s go outside.»
«But… the movie??»

«We will pause it. Come on!»

As we kept our feet outside, we found a little kitten roaming all alone in the garden.

«Awww! It’s so cute. » I looked at it.
«Hmm it’s fine.»

She looked at it with a weird expression.

«What? It’s so adorable!»

I asked my friend to hold it for a minute.

«No!» She exclaimed. «I hate cats.»
«It’s not a cat, it is a kitten!»

«Haha! Very funny.»  She responded with sarcasm.
«I’m serious. Give me a minute, I will be right back.»

A few minutes later, I came back with a blanket.

«Here, this will keep it warm.» I smiled.
«So, what shall we do with it?»

I took my eyes off the kitten and looked at her.

«Damn, nice question. I don’t know. How about you take it to your house?»
«You must be kidding. My mother doesn’t want any animal. And I hate cats! Why don’t you keep it?»

«ME?? No way!»
«Why not?»

«My mother is allergic to cats. She is going to kill me if she finds out that I’m hiding a kitten inside the house.»

«Well, I don’t want it, so either you keep it hidden or just let it free again!»
«It won’t survive alone…It must be like one week old. It can’t even see. Its eyes are closed.»

«So? Want to take a risk?»

I looked at the kitten. It was purring. I tried to take off my mind over its dead image. I didn’t make it.

«I will keep it inside my bedroom for a while. Then I will have to tell that to my parents. I can’t keep it hidden forever. »

«But your mom is allergic to cats.»
«I will keep it away from her.»

«And you can’t keep it in your bedroom! It will be meowing, and they will hear it! Just let it free. It is such a huge risk!»
«I will think about it, but I am sure that I’m going to keep it. It will be my responsibility.»

«Do anything you want. I wouldn’t keep it though.»
«Well, I wouldn’t let it die. Never.»

Later on, I named it Tony.

– By Crucio Girl


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