Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky Review

Cut me and I’ll bleed chocolate. I am an outright chocolate fan and a self-proclaimed expert with an exquisite taste. No matter how broke I am, I cannot desist from trying out new chocolates. This happens so frequently, that at times I end up only having chocolates for dinner. This time around, returning from work I took a detour to avoid the usual Delhi traffic. … Continue reading Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky Review

Media and the Habit of Creating Breaking News Out of a Wrong Story

Nationally and internationally we have seen a rising debate on the issue of nationalism versus free speech. Varying from news channels to newspapers- CNN (IBN) “the fanatic” to the Times Republic- “Nation wants to know”- the stories sound familiar. The headlines are the same, the language identical, and the narrative interchangeable. The news channels in an attempt to bank on TRP’s churn stories out of … Continue reading Media and the Habit of Creating Breaking News Out of a Wrong Story

The Trapped Che Guevara

It has been 50 years since the death of Che Guevara. Yet, his dying legacy lies trapped between the coming of age travelogue and t-shirt logos. In the hind-set, he seems no different than the posters of Bob Marley, with smokers seemingly unaware of the difference between the two. But, who was Che Guevara? Before he became a cheap royalty-free way to market merchandise, he was … Continue reading The Trapped Che Guevara