Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky Review

Cut me and I’ll bleed chocolate. I am an outright chocolate fan and a self-proclaimed expert with an exquisite taste. No matter how broke I am, I cannot desist from trying out new chocolates. This happens so frequently, that at times I end up only having chocolates for dinner. This time around, returning from work I took a detour to avoid the usual Delhi traffic. … Continue reading Nestlé Kit Kat Chunky Review

Media and the Habit of Creating Breaking News Out of a Wrong Story

Nationally and internationally we have seen a rising debate on the issue of nationalism versus free speech. Varying from news channels to newspapers- CNN (IBN) “the fanatic” to the Times Republic- “Nation wants to know”- the stories sound familiar. The headlines are the same, the language identical, and the narrative interchangeable. The news channels in an attempt to bank on TRP’s churn stories out of … Continue reading Media and the Habit of Creating Breaking News Out of a Wrong Story

The Trapped Che Guevara

It has been 50 years since the death of Che Guevara. Yet, his dying legacy lies trapped between the coming of age travelogue and t-shirt logos. In the hind-set, he seems no different than the posters of Bob Marley, with smokers seemingly unaware of the difference between the two. But, who was Che Guevara? Before he became a cheap royalty-free way to market merchandise, he was … Continue reading The Trapped Che Guevara

Finish What You Started – by Jeyran Main

“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they started.” David Allen There are many things in our lives that we wish to change. That may be getting rid of bad habits or implementing new good ones. We set goals, promise ourselves, get a planner, get a coach, set reminders but still … Continue reading Finish What You Started – by Jeyran Main