Month: Sep 2017

Why the books and scriptures should not be censored?

Censorship is defined as a suppression or prohibition of any part of a book, film, news, idea, speech, content etc. that is considered obscene, politically & ideologically unacceptable, a threat to […]

A Message To My Younger Self -by Jeyran Main

I have wanted to write this article for a while. At the age of 35, I feel that due to many unforeseen occurrences, I have had to go through a lot. […]

Are Teletubbies Scary? Well it scared the wits out of me.

I was accompanying my niece in her quest to buy stuff toys. Searching through various toys she brought my attention to some: “Mama, can I buy one of those?” She asked. […]

Think Out Of The Box, Not Just Think Good

“Don’t try to have good ideas, try having ideas.” The first thumb rule of success states that a man must have ideas. That is to say, that s/he must think out […]

The last ride (Horror)

An elderly woman boarded my cab with a child. I was calling for a last ride. As I glanced at the mirror to ask for her desination I saw her chewing […]

A loners manifesto- Working with a loner, not a team player!

It’s not easy to work with a loner, let alone working with a non- team player. Hell, half of my amateur career I have been a non-team player and I assure […]

Sarahah- the Anonymous Messaging App

The internet is full of strange things, if not stranger. Plethora of knowledge ready to blow our minds away. Coincidentally, if not literally, our minds becoming graveyard, keeps getting bombarded every […]

Human History is a Glass Maze

Have you ever wandered around in a glass maze? Lost and assembled in the desire to escape the same, with the sole aim to make an exit. Along the way, there […]