Bug's Philosophy

How to be Irresistibly Attractive?

Griselda was definitely the kind of girl who could turn a young man's head.

What does it mean by ‘being irresistibly attractive’? Is it another millennium version of a critical ‘dating game’? Is it another edition of a ‘mascara magazine’? Or is it a ‘how to be a successful person’ in 21st-century style?

Being irresistibly attractive is about energy. It is about your energy and the energy of the people around you ‘with whom you relate’. We all are the embodiment of energy fields and energy is all around us. It is invisible but real and is very powerful.  Startlingly, it’s your energy that directs how you live your life ‘from inside out’. It is this energy that determines how successful you are. Think of it this way- ‘your energy extends around you and bumps up against the person next to you. The person’s energy next to you bumps upon you and your energy.’ This oscillation and bumping of energy particles, the to and fro, is what directs you and the people around you.

Let us imagine a person sitting next to you. It may be your near and dear one or a person you are comfortable with. Sit next to that person. Hold your hands for about 3-4 inches apart from each other for about 2 to 3 minutes and observe in silence. Feel what happens? We put energy into the world, and we attract it back to us. It’s similar to the expression ‘like attracts the like’, charges attracting charges, ‘the reacting fields’. What’s happening now?  Are you able to feel the warmth between you? Do you even feel prickly? Is there a sensation, a warmth? That’s amazingly your energy attracting the energy from another person. It is ‘energy attracting energy’, ‘like attracting like’, ‘people attracting people’, ‘success attracting successful’; with you putting good things out there so you attract good things back!

Think about someone you know or someone who you have seen suffering with a lot of problems or is in a dire need. What kind of people do you think they attract and have around them? 

They attract other needy people or people with lots of problem around them. This might be a subconscious act, where needy people tend to come together to form a pillar of support. But is it positive? Experts say it’s not. It’s mainly because of the negative energy they’re putting out, they are actually repelling the kind of positive- successful people they’d like to be around.

Notice the kind of energy you are putting into your world. Is it positive or negative? Remember ‘like attracts like’. If you are not happy with what’s coming back to you, then take a look at the kind of energy you’re putting out there, to begin with, in the form of your thoughts, words, attitude, actions and wisdom. Ask yourself this, ‘What can I think, or do so differently the next time that I can attract back to me what I really want?’And then do it. You’ll end being irresistibly attractive.

If you still feel weird then ‘take a deep breath, look into a mirror and smile at the person smiling back at you’! You’ll know the energy that is surrounding you.

Your life is a mirror that reflects back to you what you’ve put out in the world. make sure you are sending out what you want back!


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