What is uncertainty? The uncertainty of life and a complicated mind.

A Complicated Mindset – (c) Boringbug

We live in a world where literalism rules over the cogent. The world that stands divided between those who think too much and those who do not. A world comprising of a complicated and a common mind.

A complicated mind is the one which is hinged by an uncertainty factor. It leads from the intellectual assertion of a mind that is afraid to make a commitment without evaluating its pros and cons. It has a tendency to exert itself by pushing the reasons to limit while asserting what others fail to understand. These complicated mindsets are generally skeptical and tend to explore a spectrum of experiences which varies from their struggles to success. 

 The complicated minds thrive on the ideas they produce. The uncanny principle they follow-up on is that- the ideas generated by it should not be abandoned because of an irrational social development at the core of intellectual propositions which is easily accepted by the common minds. They are further skeptical to all forms of thinking which are bereft of the rationalistic conditions and/ or are abandoning rationale to the extreme. 

A complicated mind also has a tendency to remain analytical. It calculates probable occurrences which at the offset seems like a mere set of coincidences. When it is struck by a failure or is surrounded by struggles, this uncertainty factor satisfactorily responses to the complication where a common mind would surrender to the limit of a human will.

The issue with it is that’ it tends to fail in providing certainty to itself and to others. It is this uncanny nature that it does not stick to the establishment of a single fact. It tends to question every logical belief and common sense which is not common anymore. It includes the ability to even question the existence of a god. For example:

“The concept of God which the world in general talks about is a devious understanding invented to force it into a religious model. God (of my understanding) never intended to find a religion. What God had proposed was the creation of a self-inculcating and thriving universe where humans in person had the capacity to reason.”

Whereas, a common mind would be too busy being dominated by the rituals of the fools to even think way beyond its critical capacity.

An uncertain mind does not concern itself with the concept of “utopia” or “Nirvana” or the issue of ultimate happiness because it cannot bring itself to accept an ultimate answer. It cannot bring itself to terms that the ultimate answer to every question is the number 42. It is not disillusioned by the pity issues of circumstances and situations, and fails to delve itself into the principle of uncertainty for information seeking. While a normal ideology would suggest that illusions are necessary to avoid despair, a complicated mind would immediately differentiate an illusion from hope. It understands the ability to act upon ideas while segregating illusions from reality.

Whereas. a common mind would select from known probable distributions when faced with a given situation. It would bring itself to term that what it is doing on the face of it is logical and apparently the world seems to agree with it. The reason being simple that normal people have a bias towards known distributions, even when uncertain distributions would logically be favourable (i.e. risk aversion viz. Ellsberg Paradox).

But a complicated mindset deriving from its uncertainty would go for the uncertain which calculates to a risk taking characteristic. From the outside or face of it, it looks like a vague choice or an un-calculated decision taken on a whim, but in reality, it is a decision taken out of a complex permutation and combination of its experiences i.e. after adjudging the potential risk taking factors.

The biggest difference between a common mind and a complicated piece of brain is that a common mind would stick to a bad choice in order to avoid something new. It believes in “what is not broken, need not be fixed”. It tends to stick to a bad service instead of switching to a bad service.*

A complicated mind tends to read it in a different manner, its perspective is affected by its own uncertainty. When the odds are right, risk the uncertain. That is logical but not common. It appears whimsical but is not. (E.g. innovative vs. innovations: Innovative are many, but innovations are few). 


 It is what you make it out to be. 

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