Manchester terror attack and Manchester United’s trophy moment

Monday night was an emotional moment for the people of Manchester. Despite a terrorist’s attempt to rake fear in the mind of people, by causing 22 casualties, the city and its people came into unison. The actions of the people thereafter are proof enough that humanity and unity know no bounds. The same was further reflective in the wednesday night win of a football club in Stockholm. 

The win in Stockholm was a moment of trumpet not just for the Manchester United club but for the sports fans around the globe. Rarely has a football silverware meant so much for many. It’s not because the club secured a spot for itself in the Champions League by beating Ajax at Europa Cup final, but the fact that it came only 2 days after the terrorist attack in Manchester.

Sporting glories might have peripheral relevance at the moment for the Manchester United faithful grieving the loss of loved ones, but rarely has the world’s most recognised club required a more appeasing ending from its sportspersons.

To the people unaware of the club, Manchester United hasn’t won a trophy of note since the exit of Sir Alex Ferguson. The Europa Cup has nil footing in comparison to the glorified Champions League, but the club has been in a staggering freefall before the final came into the picture.

Hadn’t it been for the terror attack, maybe the Europa Cup wouldn’t have been of much significance, but by winning the cup Manchester United has embodied and mirrored the city’s never dying will and unity.

Sports and a cup, if it can change people’s lives and bring happiness to their faces even for a moment, then it would not be pretentious to label it with therapeutic powers. The win, even of fleetingly, pierces the gloom that hangs over this industrial city. As quoted in a newspaper “in one of the darkest hours of the city, its most cherished club has given it a reason to smile“.

-by Boringbug

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